Cuban Picadillo Recipe

A year ago I had a HUGE craving for picadillo, one of my favorite dishes. Problem is, I never made it before. So I did some online research and found this simple yet delicious video that shows you how to make cuban-style picadillo!

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Yummy Salsa Recipe!

My best friend is a great cook. I often rely on her for yummy recipes and cooking inspiration. Here is a recipe I tried recently for a delicious and easy-to-make salsa that goes great with tortilla chips!
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Design Thinking Action Lab

A few weeks ago I came across the Venture Lab website on my Facebook newsfeed. Venture Lab is an online platform that offers anyone the opportunity to take free online courses from top universities while working with other students from around the world on course projects and assignments. The website seemed interesting so I decided to check out the list of available courses. Soon after, I found the perfect class! It’s titled “Design Thinking Action Lab” and is offered by Stanford University. Continue reading

A Splash of Color

A lack of inspiration is one of the most frustrating feelings…ever. Especially when a big project is due that requires loads of creativity and innovation. Fortunately, I’ve found that colors are a great way to spark my creativity. From posters or fliers that make great use of color schemes and patters, to spending a few minutes with a color wheel creating new color combinations, color inspiration can be drawn from pretty much anything. Here are a few sources I learned about in my visual communication course that inspire me daily.  Continue reading

Shopping On a Budget

I’m a person who loves good deals. I prefer being able to buy many inexpensive items over one expensive item. As a college student, this way of being has come very handy. Below are a few items I bought at bargain prices: Continue reading